The power of VS Code


I want to start with a couple of questions…

Are you using VS Code editor? Are you writing articles to Or are you documenting your work/code with Markdown?

I assume that you will answer yes to all of my questions above. But…

Do you know that VS Code has built in support for Markdown?

If your answer is no I’ll show you a nice tip. I’ll reveal a secret. I’m kidding this is not a secret. It’s in official documentation but I haven’t read they earlier. If you’ve created some document and saved it with *.md extension you can trigger VS Code to show you live preview of that file. Only what you need to do is to press Ctrl+Shift+V and live preview will appear in new tab. In my opinion even more powerful is combination of buttons: Ctrl+K+V which end with side-by-side live preview. Now you can work comfortable on your next article.

Markdown in action

Has you known about those shortcuts? If not just try to play with them. I hope this tip will be helpful to you.


At the end I want to tell you something funny. I want to tell you how I found this nice tip. I’m planning to work more with VS Code so I’ve printed a VS Code shortcuts cheatsheet. It’s laying on my table. Today on during my daily stand up I wanted to eat a mandarin. By the way I know that’s naughty. Juice from the fruit smudged paper next to this shortcut so that’s the way I found it. It was next to me all the time and I didn’t see it. Fortunately accident with mandarins caused that I found it.