About me


Hi, My name is Rafał Pieńkowski. I came from Bydgoszcz, Poland. I’m a .Net developer specializing in web-based applications. I’m focused on developing and expanding my knowledge and skills. Enjoying new challenges. I’m a big fan of the cloud solutions, especially Azure. From time to time I like to take DevOps topics and enhance existing CI/CD processes. I always like to help and share my knowledge with other team members. Therefore my favorite quote is:

“There are no stupid questions, there are only stupid answers.”

Professional career

05.2018-nowadays, Cognifide Limited, Senior Software Engineer

I was mainly focused on R&D projects related to the extension of the Sitecore platform and internal projects according to the company needs. I’ve proposed, made and implement architecture enhancement on Sitecore’s architecture hosted in Platform As A Service (PaaS) model on the Azure platform. The changes have been reduced the hosting cost of the solution by 30-40%. I enhanced the CI/CD process for one of the projects. I introduced Azure DevOps into the project, multi-environment deployments, and custom Azure Pipeline step dedicated for the Sitecore platform.

05.2018-nowadays, Bydgoszcz .Net User Group, Group Lider

Bydgoszcz .Net User Group was created to connect all geeks focused on .Net technology stack around Bydgoszcz city. The primary goals of the group are knowledge sharing and networking with other people which daily routine is to work with .Net technologies. As one of the group leaders, I’m responsible for finding interesting speakers, generous sponsors, driving meetings and promoting group in social media.

11.2016-05.2018, Cybercom Group, Senior Software Engineer

As a software engineer, I’m taking part in several projects with a different degree of advanced. I’m responsible for the development and support different products depending on client needs. I’m specializing in web-based solutions. I was working on VOD platform. The project uses ASP MVC, Web API, EF and a lot of Azure cloud solutions such as App Services, Azure Queues, Azure Table Storage, Azure Media Services, API Management Services, SQL Database and Application Insights. I enhanced existing CI/CD processes. I created Infrastructure as a Code for VOD platform project based on ARM templates.

I am also involved in code reviews for external customers for their solutions. Code review ends with a detailed report on discovered issues.

03.2013-11.2016, Asseco Poland, .Net Programmer

I was a member of a team which set up a new e-commerce platform for one of the telecom suppliers to sell energy industry products. I was responsible for design and development data exchange system between platform and billing system. The platform was created using ASP.NET MVC 4, Entity Framework 6, LINQ, Ninject, Telerik UI, jQuery, AngularJS, and NUnit.

I created guidelines for developers in the area of application tests development. To improve development phase I created dedicated NuGet package which contains useful methods. The NuGet package was set up in a local environment and was available for other developers in a department.

At my beginnings, at the company, I was focused on development and maintenance billing system for the energy industry. It is a desktop application based on WinForms, DevExpress, and Oracle. Additionally, I implemented WCF servers and WCF clients to several services which were responsible for communication with 3rd parties.

03.2012-03.2013, T-Komp, Web Programmer

I was responsible for development and support of a web-based document workflow system. I took part in the analysis of reported bugs and new features proposed by customers. In my daily routines, I used such a technologies: ASP.NET 2.0 (Web Forms), Classic ASP, Javascript (jQuery), MS SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008.