Azure cost optimalization intro



I want to introduce by this post a whole series of blog posts covering some tips for the cost optimization which we can apply in the Azure Cloud.

It’s possible that you have already implemented all of my suggestions. In that case, good for you! Otherwise, you’re still able to become a hero in your company, save some money which you have to pay for Azure’s invoices, and spend it for some nice stuff like a new board game in your office or a corporate retreat. Or maybe you’ve heard that MS Azure solutions can make your software more reliable or code deployment into the Azure’s App Service with conjunction with Azure DevOps is much simpler than your current CI/CD process, but after raw cost calculation, your boss declined your suggestion to use Azure because the cost of the cloud is too high? Hmm? Sounds familiar to you? If so, I invite you to read further. Those tips aren’t secret knowledge and are easy to implement.


After this lengthy introduction, it is high time for specific advice. First of all, we need to answer two simple questions. Are you ready? Let’s go with the first question.

What licensing model do you have?

Depending on the model you’ve chosen, you can decrease the monthly cost of Azure. A short recap of available models and their brief description.

Did you find your licensing model? I hope so. Now it’s the time for the second question.

What type of cloud environment are we using?

This is a quite fundamental question. Why? Because depending on the environment, type pricing plan is constructed and going further an invoice is created. Let me do a short recap of available cloud models and how they’re related with “traditional” on-premise environment.

Main models:

Below is the image comparing the mentioned models.

On-Prem vs IaaS vs PaaS vs SaaS

With answers to the two main questions, we’re ready for further steps. I hope you are not too bored.


In the next episode, I’ll describe how we can save some money consuming cloud in the Infrastructure as a Service model. I’ll tell you how to reduce cost working with the Virtual Machines hosted in the Azure.

See you in the next episode!

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