A .Net man in Linux world.


After I’ve read a couple of posts (for example .NET Core 2.1 highlights: standing on the shoulders of giants and My Linux Development Environment of 2018 I’ve started to think about a little experiment.

What If I, as a .Net developer, which natural environment is a Windows machine, start to work on a Linux machine?

Why not give a try at least for mine side projects which I take care after work?

I’m not an advanced user of Linux. I have got a little experience which I gained during my studies. I’ve arbitrary chosen Ubuntu 17.10 as my Linux machine. I’ve already installed VS Code, .Net Core, Git client and Docker based on tutorials from the Internet. Right now I was surprisingly easy. The plan for next few weeks is to port all my side project to Linux and work on Linux as my main “development” environment.

I’m going to share my feelings about the change of the OS. Feel free to add your suggestions and questions.

So like Sting’s Englishman in New York, I’ll be a .Net man in Linux world.